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Make your s60v3 phone to boot windows!
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 Make your s60v3 phone to boot windows!

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PostSubject: Make your s60v3 phone to boot windows!   Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:55 am

Good day everyone

Intalling Windows 98/95 Windows 3.1 for Symbian S60v3 v5?

Since I do nagpopost thread Please read and please do not turn me masearch about this topic: Reputation: nalang po I made a tutorial on how to run Windows 98/95/3.1

Attached files-Download below
-Hacked phone (for installing dosbox)
-Phone with higher RAM .. (like N95, N82, N78, E90, E63 etc. ..) Installation DOSBox_full.sisx
Phones with lower ram- Installation DOSBox_slim.sisx

Note: Phones with lower ram will not be able to install Windows 98/95
Windows 3.1 nalang po to us.

Let's start: beat:

1. Install all the files that are in the Installation Folder (I Installed all the files into the phone memory) Install it in order.

2. Installation DOSBox_full.sisx if you have higher RAM (E90, N95 etc. ..)
If you have installed DOSBox_slim.sisx Lower RAM (have'nt Tried)

3. Inside the folder there 3 folders named Data


Copy this 3 folders and paste it to e: \ Data ( e: = memoy card )

you'll have this:
e: \ Data \ CALMIRA
e: \ Data \ DOS
e: \ Data \ WINDOWS

4. Inside the folder there named Data also see dosbox.conf and mapper.txt

-Copy and mapper.txt dosbox.conf and paste it to C: \ Data (since I installed DOSBox into my phone memory) ([color=red] c: = phone memory [/ COLOR ])

you'll have this:
c: \ data \ mapper.txt
c: \ data \ dosbox.conf

Then run your DOSBox Windows 3.1 will appear .. ENJOY!


to be continued ....

-Installing Windows 95
-Landscape mode for larger screens
-Clearer text
-Changing resolution from 640x480 to 320x240 in Windows 3.1 for clearer text and icons
to be continued ....

-Tried and tested on my E90 and E63
All tried and tested, Windows 95 on my E90
100% working on my unit .. so try nyo po also Wink

-If you repost please pakidelete nalang po .. thanks and godbless

Please Respect my post

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

I will upload Actual Screenshots from my E90 later


Actual Screenshots fom my E90 ... difficult because magtake of screenshots as windows e nagrarun konte just so I naupload .. yan po yung low resolution .. I try to upload my landsape mode acceleration and I love Windows 95 I already capture.

Windows 3.1

Screen shots for Windows 95 and landscape mode .. To follow

-To enable the mouse pointer (cursor) just press call button: thumbsup:

Updates 11.29.2011

- If your phone has a normal screen (eg Nokia N95), copy WIN3 \ Orientation \ normal \ dosbox.conf to e: \ Data \ on your phone, (e: \ = memory card)

- If your phone has a landscape screen (eg Nokia E63, E90 etc. ..), copy WIN3 \ Orientation \ landscape \ dosbox.conf to to e: \ Data \ on your phone (e: \ = memory card)

-To change the resolution from 640x480 to 320x240 in Windows 3.1, you need to change the drivers.
-> Copy WIN3 \ SMALLRES \ system.ini to e: \ data \ Dos \ C \ WINDOWS \ In order to set the resolution to 320x240. If you want to revert back to 640x480, just copy system.ini from Data \ WIN3 \ normalres in the same folder. It's already set to 640x480, 320x240 Calmira screws up in

Or Manually DO it .. credits to Zadako_70

For nakatagalid and display on the screen ...

-Using the File Xplorer edit nyo nyo nadownload dosbox.conf that the first attachment ..
When found, the dosbox.conf press # 8 ( to edit ), Change this line'' orientation = cw '' to normal

You'll have this
'' orientation = normal '' without qoute please ..

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: Make your s60v3 phone to boot windows!   Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:09 am

bos na dl ko na ang atachment pero ang laman ng data.rar ay normales, orienation, at smallres lng po wala dun ang camir,dos, win?
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Make your s60v3 phone to boot windows!
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