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 forum rules and guidelines

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forum rules and guidelines Empty
PostSubject: forum rules and guidelines   forum rules and guidelines EmptyTue Jan 10, 2012 7:01 pm

the golden rules to follow:
1. Flaming
You shall not insult or attack another member.
2. Racism
You shall not insult or discriminate against any member on the basis of race, religion or culture. Slurs are not welcome either.
3. Spamming
You shall not post irrelevant or meaningless remarks.
- No short posts like "cool story bro", "lol" or "lmao". - No forum games like "person above you" or one word response threads. - Do not post duplicated threads. - Do not post copy-pasted stuff.
-only 3 line response are counted as a point And, do not copy-paste something from another forum.
4. Multiple Accounts
You shall not have multiple accounts on this website.
5. Leeching
You shall not post copied material from another website.
6. Warez
You shall not link or upload illegal material.
7. Usernames
You shall not choose an username that is similar to any member.
8. Scamming
You shall not perform fraudulent or deceptive acts.
9. Begging
You shall not beg for anything.
10. Advertising
Advertising is allowed, but to a certain limit. That certain limit is set by the staff.
11. Inappropriate
Material You shall not post or link any material which may or may not include nudes, gruesome, or anything inappropriate to an 12 year old.
12. Trolling
You shall not intentionally provoke a negative emotional reaction from another member.
13. Disrespecting
Staff and Members You shall not disrespect, dispute or object to any of the staff's decisions or actions carried out. Disrespecting any member in general will may get you banned.
14. Responsibility
over actions You shall take all responsibility for your account, we at (Not allowed to discuss this) do not care if your little brother, sister, uncle, dog or what ever was using your account was the one using your account. Take responsibility for what ever action was taken, even being hacked.
15. Bumping old threads
You shall not post in old threads that is older than 60 days.
16. Mini-Mod
Do not act like a moderator, or act like you know one. We have added a report function for all members to use.
17. Harmful Material
You shall not post or spread any harmful material. These include RATS, key loggers, phishers and viruses.
18. Reporting
You must report a post or thread or reputation if you understand that it breaks our terms of service.
19. English only
You are only allowed to type in English.

Enjoy our site! Be fair in many ways we can!
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forum rules and guidelines
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